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Custom Socks Pricing - Alchemy Merch

Step it up with custom digitally printed socks!  It's a really fun way to display your art and who doesn't love wearing really unique socks?  

28.5cm x 49cm is standard size for designing.  If you want a shorter or longer sock, email us and in your art, you'd adjust the 49cm to a different height.

Unisex socks fit both men and women

87% polyester/ 10% cotton/ 3% spandex blend

Default heel and toe is black.  We can do a custom color on orders of 300 (+$1 per pair) or at no added cost on orders of 500+

Optional top header card is great for retail or display at shows.  It's a great way to get some branding.

These are digitally printed and much softer than a sublimated sock.

Pricing is per pair.  

Woven socks are available for orders of 300+ - email for details

Custom Sock FAQS

What blend of materials are the socks?
87% polyester/ 10% cotton/ 3% spandex blend

What's the turnaround?
The usual turnaround for sock orders is 4-6 weeks.

Can I mix and match designs in one order?
No.  Each design is its own order, but you can combine a top header card across multiple designs.

Do I see a proof before production begins?
Yes.  We will send you photos of a hard sample of your socks that must either be approved or we can submit adjustments for a new sample.  It usually takes about 5-10 days to see that initial hard sample.  If approved, they get sent to the production board.

Are the socks sublimated?
No.  They are digitally printed, but they are not sublimated, so the material stays much softer.  Part of why sublimated socks can feel stiff or plastic like is because the heat pressing of the design can melt/stiffen the plastic(polyester) portion of the blends.

Can you make sublimated socks instead?
Yes.  Just email us and we could get you a direct quote.  We much prefer the feel of the printed socks, but sublimation is available.

Can you make woven socks?
Yes.  The minimum is 300 pair and just email us for an exact quote

Can I do a custom heel or toe color that is not black?
On orders of 300-499, we can do it for +$1 per pair.  On orders of 500+, there is no added cost for a custom heel and toe color.

Can I make different sized socks than 28.5cm x 49cm?
Yes.  We should keep the 29.5cm wide, but the height can change.  The ankle sock photo example shown is 28.5cm wide x 22cm tall

Sock Templates

PSD/Raster + Vector templates for Sock and header cards - Download Link 


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