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Acrylic Pins 101: A Clearly Awesome Pin Option

From the people who brought you enamel pins and acrylic keychains comes our latest concoction: acrylic pins! (It was obvious, right?) 

Acrylic pins are a great option for art that may not be enamel-pin-friendly (gradients, small details, etc) or just for anyone looking for something new and unique to add to their offerings!

Like the charms, acrylic pins consist of either one layer of acrylic board with an epoxy-covered image on top, or two layers of board with the image sandwiched in between. 



An example of translucent printing.

The image can be opaque or translucent, and the acrylic can have one of several holographic sparkle effects, or a top layer of glitter epoxy! The background itself can be clear or white. 

Glitter epoxy!

The back of the pins features a safety-pin style clasp, which is more secure on this style of pin than the posts we use for enamel. 


Acrylic pins are great for art that might include small details, gradients, shadows, textures, or other elements that don't work well in enamel pins. We can use vector or raster files! For the best results, we recommend working at a nice large file size with a high resolution- aim for 300dpi and twice the size of the pin.  Most file types are ok including png(best if you need clear areas), jpeg, psd, vector ai or pdf, etc.  All art will be converted to cmyk for printing.

Check them out in the store.

If you'd like to keep an area as clear plastic, just leave it clear in your artwork.  If you'd like to use a translucent color, please make sure it is on it's own layer, or if sending a vector file, please let us know which color you'd like to be translucent


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