5 Tips for small business owners 2023

1.  Celebrate other people's wins.  Taking the time to celebrate with someone. Saying something nice and showing support doesn't take much time, but can go a long way in your personal relationships and amongst your peers.  

2. Let go.  We all have things we'd go back and change, but looking forward and being supportive is healthier than resentment or grudges.  Let go, be kind and understand everyone has their own battles they are fighting. 

3. Don't compare yourself to others.  Measure your progress and success against yourself and not what other people are doing. 

4. Give yourself some grace and time to achieve your goals. If you have huge goals, break it down into smaller achievable pieces and complete one step at a time.  Each quarter, we have a full day team meeting to address anything we'd like to improve on or needs attention.  This starts as a huge list of items and we go through and mark their priority.  If it's not a top priority, it gets pushed to discussion next quarter and then we work weekly towards achieving those selected smaller and doable goals.  You can't do everything all of the time.  Select, focus and move forward one a step at a time.  You'd be surprised how much you can complete when you break it down into smaller steps vs fearing getting started because of how large the task is.  

5. Failing is an opportunity to learn.  No one wants to fail at anything, but it is a great opportunity to step back and review what worked and what didn't so you can avoid that mistake next time and learn from it.  Some of our biggest leaps forward came out of the ashes of failure.

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