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What is washi tape used for? Your guide to becoming a washi master

Creative Ways To Use Washi Tape

Washi tape, the colorful and versatile paper tape that has taken the crafting world by storm, is not only for scrapbook enthusiasts and avid crafters. This decorative tape, originating from Japan, is celebrated for its vibrant patterns and its ability to stick to a variety of surfaces without leaving a residue.

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Here are some innovative ways to use washi tape

Crafting Homemade Cards and Gift Wrap
For those who enjoy giving gifts with a personal touch, washi tape can be used to add flair to homemade cards or to create custom gift wrap. Simple brown kraft paper can be made into something special with a few strips of washi tape.

Personalizing Stationery
Washi tape can transform ordinary stationery into personalized items. Wrap your pens and pencils, decorate notebook edges, or use it as a makeshift label on binders and folders. The ability to write on washi tape also means you can use it to label your stationery with your name or subject titles.

Every Single Thing in Your House
If you ask my 6 year old what washi is used for, it's limitless.  Water bottles, on her table, as a hair tie, earrings, to wrap on our dogs tail....you name it.  Put on your imagination cap from when you were young and you can use washi for almost anything.

Wall Art and Decor
Due to its easy-to-remove nature, washi tape is excellent for creating temporary wall art. Whether it’s geometric patterns, abstract shapes, or outlines of animals and objects, washi tape allows you to turn your walls into a canvas without the commitment of paint.

Customizing Electronics
Laptops, phone chargers, and earbuds are items we use every day that can easily get mixed up with others. Using washi tape to wrap or decorate these electronics not only makes them unique but also makes them easily identifiable.

Organizing Cables
Keep cables organized by wrapping different washi tapes around each cord. This not only makes them more aesthetically pleasing but also allows you to quickly identify which cable belongs to which device.

Scrapbooking and Journaling
A staple in the scrapbooking and journaling community, washi tape is used to embellish pages, highlight dates, and create borders. It’s also handy for sticking photos and notes to pages without the permanence of glue.

DIY Bookmarks
Craft your own bookmarks by folding a piece of washi tape over the edge of a page and cutting it into a shape or design. It’s a creative and non-damaging way to keep your place in books and planners.

Decorating Plant Pots
Plain plant pots can get an instant makeover with some strategically placed washi tape. It's a simple and reversible way to add color and pattern to your indoor garden.

Beautifying Light Switch Covers
Light switch and outlet covers can be bland. With washi tape, you can quickly style them to match the theme of your room or to add a pop of color and pattern.

Enhancing Picture Frames
Give a new life to old picture frames with washi tape. You can cover the entire frame or add accents to complement the photo or artwork within.

Calendar Customization
Make your own wall or desk calendar with washi tape to mark the days and weeks. This can be particularly useful for visual planners who like a physical representation of their schedule.

Tailoring Keyboard Keys
For a fun project, apply washi tape to your computer’s keyboard keys for a burst of color every time you type.

Sealing Envelopes
Instead of using plain clear tape, seal envelopes with a piece of washi tape for an extra touch of personality and charm.

Party Decor
Create flags for straws, cupcake toppers, or placemarkers for seating arrangements with washi tape. It’s a quick and cost-effective way to add theme-consistent decoration to any party.

Washi tape’s wide range of patterns and its easy-to-use nature make it an excellent tool for quick and creative projects. From decorating your workspace to personalizing daily-used items, washi tape provides an avenue for creativity without the hassle of mess and permanence. Try incorporating washi tape into your next project and watch as it brings color and joy to your creation.

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